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Post-hospitalization recovery is difficult and unpredictable.

With Laguna, it doesn’t have to be.

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Laguna members receive access to a digital care platform and a dedicated team of specialized recovery experts to ensure a successful recovery journey.

Laguna builds the foundation of recovery with evidence-based behavioral health protocols.

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Personalized recovery journey

Hospital discharge summaries are generic and complex, creating uncertainty and confusion. Laguna provides clarity and individualized support to ensure the best recovery possible.

1 on 1 Support from Laguna Experts

1:1 with Laguna recovery coaches

Support during post hospitalization recovery helps you get back to normal life faster. Recovery guidance delivered via text, telephone or video, based on your preference and schedule.

Laguna Pharmacists and Clinicians

Support from Laguna clinicians and pharmacists

Post-hospital recovery is often difficult, confusing, and sometimes lonely. Laguna can answer your questions, give you clinical information on nutrition, medications and your discharge plans, as well as someone to talk with during this difficult time.

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Extensive resource library

Finding the right information at the right time for your recovery is hard. Browse content about mindfulness, healthy eating, self-compassion, managing pain, depression or anxiety, side effects, and more.

Evidence-based interventions have demonstrated that as much as 50% of readmissions are preventable. Laguna combines actuarial insights with proven interventions to ensure optimal recovery. They have the data that shows it’s possible to affordably lower readmissions and shorten periods of disability.

Prof. Ian Duncan
President Santa Barbara Actuaries, PhD FSA FIA FCIA FCA CSPA MAAA

As physicians, we spend the majority of our efforts when a patient is hospitalized to ensure the best quality care. Unfortunately, once patients return home, the support that they require is sorely lacking. Laguna is focused on home recovery by providing digital technology and behavioral health support. They are building a critical infrastructure in an effort to fill the vacuum of care at home.

Dr. Mark Lampert, MD, MBA, FACC, FACP, FASNC, FASE
Deputy Head, Division of Cardiology at NorthShore University HealthSystem

At Intel, we used the intersection of technology, policy, and a well thought out strategy to improve lives at scale. Laguna is tackling one such important problem. By connecting cutting-edge digital health solutions with proven behavioral expertise, they are fundamentally reimagining post hospital recovery.

Brian DeVore
Formerly director of Healthcare Ecosystem & Strategy at Intel

Laguna aligns to my core mission: helping employees and their dependents experience a far better recovery process. Our shared goal is to ensure people feel like themselves again.

Barbara Wachsman
Senior Advisor to the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR)
Former Director, Strategy & Engagement, Enterprise Benefits at The Walt Disney Company
dedicated care team

Your team of behavioral health therapists and nurses support you through your recovery journey

Elizabeth Morrison, PhD, LCSW
Elizabeth Morrison


Saleena Gupte, DrPH, CCH ,CHC
Saleena Gupte


Cecilia Ruezga, LCSW
Cecilia Ruezga


Rachel Gates, PsyD
Rachel Gates


Viviana Saucedo, RN
Viviana Saucedo


Shaina Gonzales, MSW
Shaina Gonzales


Mary Rainwater, MSW
Mary Rainwater


Alli Moreno, BA
Alli Moreno


data personalization

Personalized recovery guidance at your fingertips

  • Turn-by-turn guidance for your recovery journey
  • Evidence-based plans created by Laguna’s team of experts
  • Continuously refined by data & experience
  • Ready to assist your individual needs
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We help you feel like you again

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Be confident in your

Feel Productive


Return to your everyday activities.

Feel Happy


Feel vibrant and wonderfully like yourself again.

Frequently asked questions

How does Laguna work?

Laguna is here to support and guide you through your recovery with whatever you need. Laguna matches you with a dedicated team of specialized recovery experts, nurses, and behavioral health professionals. Our services include a digital health app and recovery coaches that are available 24/7 via chat, telephone or video.

How much does Laguna cost?

Laguna services are offered as a free benefit from your hospital provider.

Can I offer Laguna to my friends and family?

Absolutely! If you’d like Laguna support for those you care about, have them talk to their doctors.

Is Laguna created by health professionals?

Yes. Laguna proprietary protocols and ongoing support is created by behavior health experts, nurses, and physicians.

In case of an emergency, who do I call?

While Laguna is there to support you through whatever recovery adversity you face, In case of a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

How does Laguna guarantee recovery?

Our evidence based recovery protocols demonstrate significant impact to improve recovery. Laguna’s proven methodologies can lower readmission rate by half, reduce depression and anxiety rates, as well as foster a higher overall sense of well being.

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